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Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage Neighborhood Community Engagement

The VISTA will have the essential role of developing relationships in the community and gathering feedback and input on uses of the building that make it a useful, engaging, and inviting space for surrounding neighbors. The Nave is intended to be a community and cultural hub, and we can’t succeed in making it so without building relationships and learning what the neighborhood wants from the space. The VISTA will help to ensure the space is a sustainable center for economic empowerment, vitality, and inclusion for the Spenard neighborhood moving forward. In addition, our ideas about an Advisory Council for The Nave have morphed over the course of the year as we’ve seen how the relaunch of the initiative has evolved. Next year we will likely move forward with creating this Council, and the VISTA will have a hand in recruiting, organizing, launching, and guiding this Council along with our Community Engagement Coordinator.

Covenant House Alaska Communications VISTA

The Marketing Communications VISTA will serve to increase the capacity of Covenant House Alaska to communicate with stakeholders and donors through various methods. The VISTA Member will have a strong understanding of Covenant House branding and be able to Increase brand awareness for current and future campaigns by creating visual content and marketing communication material. The VISTA Member will also increase reach of existing communications efforts through various media and assist in collecting success stories for Covenant House Alaska’s online or print media campaigns. The VISTA member will assist in content creation to educate the public on how they can work together to end youth homelessness in our community.

ANHC Marketing and Communications VISTA

The Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC) is a living cultural center located in Anchorage, Alaska that promotes active observance of Alaska Native culture and traditions. Our mission is to preserve and strengthen the traditions, languages, and art of Alaska’s Native People through statewide collaboration, celebration, and education. We are based in Anchorage, Alaska, but serve as a statewide resource for Alaska Native people throughout Alaska. The Marketing & Communications VISTA will build capacity by increasing awareness of ANHC’s mission, community programs, and special offerings through engaged marketing campaigns, creative online content, newsletters, and more.

APIA Health and Wellness VISTA

The Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association (APIA) is a Tribal led non-profit organization serving the 13 Unangax tribes of the Aleutian Pribilof region.  APIA Health Department is looking for a VISTA volunteer excited to address public health topics in impactful, culturally-relevant, and creative ways. The VISTA will support initiatives focused on addressing social and environmental determinants of health in the realms of food security, cancer prevention and healthy behavior promotion. Possible VISTA activities include: developing regional food system stakeholder listserv/network; engaging youth/young adults with social media communications; improving access to nutritious foods; assisting with creation of community walking maps; creating cancer prevention outreach, physical activity and nutrition education programming; and promoting workplace wellness activities. The VISTA will also help secure funding opportunities and may travel to the region to assist with community outreach events.

Aleutian and Pribilof Islands of Alaska Food Security

The Food Security VISTA position at the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc. in Alaska will support the development of programs and projects to increase food security and food sovereignty for the small rural communities nestled along the Aleutian chain of Alaska. In some communities, upwards of 85% of foods purchased and consumed within these communities are shipped by barge or plane. This creates a delicate challenged when inclement weather arrives and planes become grounded and unable to reach these communities. In an effort to increase food security and decrease reliance on importing foods, this position will support the development of programs of locally sourced and locally grown foods, as well as, provide support with partnerships with other food programs offered through federal and/or state government. With interests in composting, greenhouse revitalization, seaweed farming, subsistence harvesting and others, this position will work creatively with local communities to secure funding through various sources to develop and implement new food source ideas and methods that meet the unique community through grant writing efforts. The VISTA position is placed within the Health Department – Elder Care Services Division and works collaboratively with the Youth and Wellness division on overlapping projects. The VISTA position will travel at least once to one of the communities to support the partnerships and plans of any developing projects. The VISTA will support outreach efforts on projects and may present on project development. The VISTA may get an in-depth look at managing, reporting, and administering grant funded projects.

Youth Services VISTA Program Coordinator

The Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association (APIA) is a Tribal led non-profit organization that serves the 13 Unanga tribes of the Aleutian Pribilof region. The VISTA will support initiatives in the Health Department focused on addressing social and environmental determinants of health in the realms of food security, cancer prevention and healthy behavior promotion . APIA is looking for a VISTA member who is excited to advocate and engage in addressing these public health topics in impactful, culturally-relevant, and creative ways. Additionally, the VISTA will help identify and secure funding opportunities (grants, scholarships etc) and may travel to the region to assist with community outreach events.

Scholarship System Development

The VISTA member’s service year will focus on evaluating the scholarship process at Camp Fire Alaska, identifying areas of need and potential growth within scholarships, and working to promote scholarships both to families in need and to potential supporters through marketing and storytelling. Building and strengthening community partnerships will be a large part of completing this work. The VISTA will have three major goals, which are to 1) establish a story collecting process and story bank to support marketing and development, 2) build a network of partners and donors to support donations for families in need of gear for Camp Fire programs, and 3) to create a plan for supporting families through the scholarship process.

Economic Development at Grow North Farm

For 17 years, ACLT has been disrupting concentrated poverty in Anchorage by making concentrated investments. ACLT’s investments are in targeted neighborhoods and are high impact, community-vetted and anchored in partnership. ACLT’s services fall into four core categories: real estate, community organizing, neighborhood assets, and targeted programs. In the summer of 2019, ACLT partnered with Catholic Social Services’ Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services program to open a 28,000 square foot urban farm on land owned by ACLT. After three years of sales growth, both partner organizations are ready to plan for the site design and infrastructure and programs for the long term. ACLT’s Set Up Shop program provides support to neighborhood entrepreneurs and business owners, in some of Anchorage’s most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. Training classes, business services, access to lending, and help with real estate are offered for free or at a low cost.

Camp Fire Alaska Rural Program Developer

Support the development of a rural afterschool pilot development. Community outreach, project management, curriculum development opportunities will exist for this evolving project designed to address K-12 school success and community culture preservation. The VISTA will play an important role in conducting weekly searches for grant opportunities available from philanthropic organizations and state/federal governmental agencies. The creation of a grant calendar with application open and closing dates will assist the program greatly. Complete a project based on their unique skill set and interest driven projects. The VISTA member will have opportunities to develop leadership, project management, analytical, marketing, communications and curriculum development skills and knowledge. Specifically, we will work with the VISTA member to develop and design substantive projects based upon the individual’s interests and unique skill set.

AmeriCorps Program Development VISTA

Over the course of the year the VISTA will reach out to Senior Centers across Alaska, learn the complex work of program development and AmeriCorps grants, recruit volunteers to join the Elder Mentor Programs and finish the year on a Training Tour for new AmeriCorps Senior volunteers as they go forth for their first year of service. If you’re excited about meeting new people, breaking down stereotypes about seniors, learning more about program development and grant writing and working with a supportive staff team we would love to have you join us for a year of VISTA service.